Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rock climbning in March in the Yukon near Carmacks

Another example of the unseasonable nature of things this year. Not too many times a person can route develop and climb rock in March in the central Yukon.

Bolted two routes that I had installed an anchor for last fall. 12m or so, one with 3 bolts and one slightly longer and harder with 6. A pic friend of mine cleaning the harder route.

Back at Murray Creek I did some work on the dry tool route there, when it was still a bit colder. transitioning from the cave to the upper wall is the crux. The open pool below is a reminder not to drop anything

The day before we went rock climbing I was able to lead the dry tool route, warm enough for no gloves and most of the snow had left the line. That was a mixed blessing as some of the more ribbly sections were better with the snow on it.

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