Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trip down to Skagway Alaska

Went do to Skagway, where the trees are fully leafed out now. Town still very quiet as it was still a week before the first tour ship was due to arrive. Lots of painting going on and stores still in the throes of opening up, many still closed for winter. Even so much busier than January.

Quick stop in Whitehorse at the sea plane base first, no ice on the lake in April

Emerald Lake, north of Carcross, barely frozen over

Carcross "desert" and Lake Bennett at low water - clearly showing where the desert originates from.

Tutshi Lake near Fraser, calm as usual

Skagway Marina

Around town

Monday, April 25, 2016

late March on the south end of the Dempster Highway, Tombstone Range, Yukon

Went up to the Tombstone Range from Carmacks on the Easter weekend ostensibly to do some sled assisted ski touring. Due to an number of happenstances, the primary being the state of the road and the amount of muck it was throwing up on the truck and snowmobile, that effort became a non starter. Snow pack was pretty variable as well - hard slab over the usual metamorphosed material. Lots of evidence of the local caribou herd just north of the park boundary.

Few more Crocus pix from Carmacks, Yukon

Different camera, and day. More crocuses here than I have seen in a long time. Spring is shaping up to be quite dry so far. Leaves not quite out on the trees though

Spring comes quickly here - the river went from frozen to open in short order. Before...

...and after, Mid April.