Friday, November 27, 2015

Murray Creek Falls, Carmacks, ice climbing round two with the x dreams

Thought I would take out my X Dreams to play on the ice. they have only seen use in Inuvik so now they have been used in the Yukon, lol. Playing around on the side and making the most of things. Again good potential for lines on the side walls. Lots of precipitate leaching out of the seams - the orange in some of the pix. Also some interesting features made during freeze up.

Also some pix of morning around town, the Yukon River is still open so lots of mist and fog in the AM. A pic of my now friend the dog - who bit me a few months ago - not used to bikes I suppose.

Murray Creek waterfall near Carmacks and out on the Robert Campbell Highway

Murray creek has a diminutive little waterfall in the back of a small canyon that is easily accessible. It's stature makes is good fro bouldering around on though there are some short mixed problems that can be done on either side. Quick snowmobile from the house right to the top of the route. More than likely it has never seen an ice axe until a few weeks ago - not something that I would add to my all time favourite first ascents, lol. Regardless it is accessible ice and there are some nice mixed lines in water worn rock on the sides that merit further investigation.

And by Little Salmon Lake, trying to check for ice climbs up a canyon but the creek is still open as is the lake, lots of fog with sun above. Nice sun pillar on the way out by Eagle Rock, and some frost

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More aurora near Carmacks in the central Yukon

Not a very intense display but interesting one the less. The first GIF is the aurora over Tantalus Butte, just by the old coal mine site

This GIF is down by the boat launch across from Tantalus Butte. The river is starting to freeze over now.

The hike to Coal Mine Lake. A short walk along the river takes one past some old coal workings on the south side of the river and on to Coal Mine Lake Rec Site. Snowy day, lake was just freezing over. Some self evident graffiti in the shelter

you can get to the trailhead for the lake via the parking area on the right just before the bridge or you can access it from a path that leads under the bridge from the village side. Consequently here are some shots of the bridge. Reportedly the old mine site is private property and is subject to some sort of development.