Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up the Klondike Hughway to Dawson and the Tombstone

Took a quick trip up to Dawson for dinner then camping on the Dempster. Town was winding down but still a few tourists around. Fall colours out in force.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eagles in Carmacks

A couple of eagles were eating a salmon near the rec centre the other day. They were on a sand bar about 25m from the boardwalk.

There were a few fish near town that were done spawning and were now feeding the birds and occasional bear, fox, wolf

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Swimming in the Yukon River in May

The same warm weather that had the ice out of the river early this year also meant that it was not unreasonable to get in the river. albeit with a thin wetsuit, and float down a number of times. Got in by the bridge and got out down past the new sixplex

Before the spring freshet the remains of the old docks can be seen in Carmacks. Not sure whether they precipitated the island that is now there or they were build because an island was there.

Seeing what the beavers see in the Yukon River by Carmacks

Getting into the river by the bridge then going down a km and a bit on an overly hot day in May. Low water and reasonable current

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A few days down by Fraser, the BC Alaska border crossing

To get to Alaska from Carcross you have to go through BC. The American and Canadian border crossings are 20 kms apart. Fraser is the BC side - some good skiing around there. Went up by Fraser Lake - yet another one - in late spring - not the greatest visibility. It is possible to get to the Chilkoot Trail from the lake by hiking over a low pass.

From an earlier trip to Skagway, just north of boarder control - The White Pass rail line snakes along the lake - same atmospherics, lol

Skiing just south of the border control - still in BC mind you.

The same day back towards Carcross / Tagish Lake / Conrad Historical site and by some of the old mine workings from Montana Mountain / Venus Mine - remains of a tramway that was used to bring ore from the mine site down to the lake for shipping. Of course no one thought to check about the quality of the ore and the whole thing went belly up after a while due to poor returns. A lot of this is underwater when lake levels rise in the summer.

Copious willows around the area responding to spring