Thursday, November 5, 2015

Catch up post, lakes, cliffs, and caves near Carmacks

Little Salmon Lake which is east of Carmacks - is not a small lake. Looking across at a land slip. Went all the way to Drury Creek -maintenance yard and campsite

Sunset on the way back, or to, the rifle range near town, aka a gravel pit. There are backstops and a shooting bench but very rudimentary

along the trail that circles along the hill and back to the highway - good biking. It goes past the old roadhouse, now heritage building, which has a sod roof.

Back to the cliff east of town. this is the other end, west side, there is some potential here for a one pitch sport area, well to the left of the corner that fell down. The exposed rock actually looks decent. to the right, well right, there is potential for a multi-pitch line or two. Around the corner of this section is the dry tolling area I am developing. Vertical faulting with a layer of fossils. Across the way are the significant, for here, caves, many seem to be inhabited by foxes, so not going near them. others choke off quickly but show obvious signs of water erosion.

and two pics of Frenchman's Lake

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