Monday, April 18, 2016

More potential climbing routes on Eagle's Nest Rock near Carmacks Yukon

Checking out the central feature on Eagle Rock. Lots of karst formation - mostly breakdown but some interesting tubes and small holes abound. Looks possible to link them together to do a route out over the severely hanging roof and end at the uppermost holes. The rock is friable but not altogether falling apart - very sharp on the fingers though. It would be a lot of bolting and should be glue-ins. Rock looks generally bad but is actually fairly variable and goes from moldering to decent. there are several bolts off to the left on the wall, on and just right of the black streak and end above a truly rotten section. I spoke with some people who mentioned doing some bolting out this way - clearly there were coming in from the top but ended up on not a climbable line - abandoned.

we started fixing some anchors to facilitate travel down into the grotto - lots of evidence of fauna or at least their remains and droppings, and a beer bottle or two, of course.

Nic cleaning draws on the one of the three sport routes on the East side of the bluff - nice climbing, good features, All three go to a single anchor. The other image is a slab I'm thinking of bolting. Okish, getting down to it is messy due to the burnt timber. While we were setting up to put the stations in, I glanced across while rapping down and saw a bear grazing just off to our right on the slope; pretty much where we were going to end up. That put an end to route development for the day, and I jumared up and off the line. He was small enough that we were wondering if there was a sow or siblings around.

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