Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mount Nansen area west of Carmacks

The Nansen road is plowed in the winter and gives access to the old mine site, some placer mines, some heritage and trailheads. Went out for a ski a few weeks back. Low snow conditions on a prospecting cutline that lead up to a hill top that was cairned and had a whiskey bottle for the summit register. The paper was frozen into the neck of the bottle so no getting it out, which speaks to the integrity of the bottle's seal.
Variable snow down the west side allowed for some cautious turns, missing most, not all, of the rocks under the thin snowpack. Saw two moose on the way up , who watched me for a while before heading through a low pass and down to tree line

some evening light on the frost / snow covered trees on the way back down to town. Lots of inversion here with temps easily ten and sometimes fifteen degrees warmer than in the valley by the river.

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