Monday, December 14, 2015

Back at the local climbing spot near Carmacks

Snowmobiled out to Murray Creek Falls to check on the ice and work on a line on the side wall that caught my eye. Became a two day effort to bolt down to the overhang then continue under the overhang and into the shallow cave at water level. There is an open pool right under the line where you turn to the roof and get onto the wall above, culling rock off broke the ice and made the pool bigger. Chippy breakable rock on the face and the chances of dropping a tool into the water had me using my etriers as temporary leashes which of course became an epic tangle. Hard line not much to pull on when transitioning onto the face and rubbly seam above.

Anyhow - light dusting of snow and breaks in the fog made for some nice light on the frost which is coating everything on the trip an and a crescent moon on the way out.

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