Friday, October 23, 2015

New hike near Carmacks and an old one further out.

The local First Nation has been working on some old tracks and trails - hiked one the other night, about 5 minutes form where I stay. Makes a nice loop, lolks to be a good bike ride with options for sidesingle track branching off.

Drove north of the highway on the weekend about 40 kms north of town to where a the road is squeezed between the Yukon River and a high bluff. Open slops interspersed with pyroclastic / conglomerate volcanic rock lead easily to the ridge top, about 550m elevation gain. typical of the Yukon at the high point is an old cross, now broken but clearly evidence of others. I think the snow capped rounded mountain in the distance is Mount Freegold. Would be good skiing in the right conditions, but it seems like terrain that doesn't get a significant snowpack

Some shots of the evening by Tatchum Creek and Five Finger Rapids on the way back

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